Project shipments

Project Transportation is a whole range of logistics services, including the involvement of a large number of different types of trucks, detailed planning schedule shipments, the development of loading schemes and requirements for fastening, elaborate route, providing a comprehensive customs clearance.

Project transportation demands to move factories, transportation of large-scale exhibition stands, complex and large loads, which are divided into several cars and should arrive at their destination at the same time.

In organizing the transportational project involving the simultaneous delivery of any goods of several machines, our experts:

  • Are working on developing a delivery schedule, taking into account the distance and travel time;
  • Perform the planning division of the consignment at the party and then selecting the optimal alternative stowage in the trailer;
  • Produce the timing and specificity of loads for each sender;
  • Engaged in the organization of warehousing and storage of goods.

If you order us the preparation of your next project shipment, you can be sure — It will be fulfilled, all the formal requirements will be minimized, safety of cargo will be insured and timely delivered.

We appreciate your trust, and therefore guarantee the highest level of service and reliability of project delivery.