Oversized cargo

“VK Trans” provides services for the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo. Oversized cargo is a cargo in excess of the maximum allowable size for transport on a standard semi-trailers or trailers.

Heavy load is the type of cargo, which is due to the high density has a huge weight, so it can not be transported by standard means of transport.

Transportation of various kinds of agricultural, construction, special machinery and equipment by rail or air transport is expensive and difficult. The most affordable and economical mode of transportation is the oversized vehicles. However, transport of oversized loads is considered one of the most complex and labor-intensive transportation.

Stages of transportation

  • Selection of the transport company;
  • Selection of transport, taking into account the characteristics of the goods;
  • Selection of the route;
  • Processing of permits;
  • Support the organization of cargo.

Thus, the transportation of bulky goods is very serious and responsible process, for the successful implementation of which requires a wealth of experience and knowledge.

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