Groupage cargo

Groupage cargoes is a transportation of small consignments of goods from different senders to different recipients in the same direction.

One of the main services of “VK-Trans” is the delivery of cargoes from Western Europe to Russsia and the CIS countries.

Transportation of goods in the groupage is a complicated way of transportation of goods, but is beneficial for customers because of the savings in transportation costs.

Convenient location of warehouses of our partners, provides the opportunity to consolidate and store them in groupage and in partial batch, thereby reducing the cost of shipping through the acquisition of associated consignments.

Our package includes full service during transportation of cargoes:

  • Warehousing services;
  • Paperwork and customs services;
  • Loading and unloading;
  • Export Declaration (EX1);
  • Transit guarantee (T-1);
  • TIR Carnets (CARNET TIR) and CMR-bills;
  • Additional services such as a preparation of documents.

Well-designed traffic scheme and the convenient location of warehouses guarantees the delivery of your goods on time and at the most reasonable prices.

Maximum reliability, quality and years of experience allows us to optimize the delivery of cargoes of our customers. Customers can always see “quality plus efficiency” in our services.

Transportation of groupage is the main activity in our company and for our customers is a way to minimize transportation costs.

If you are interested in our services in the field of delivery of cargoes, you can ask a question on our website or by phone: +7 (4812) 29-41-08.